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What are Free Zones in Georgia?

A Free Zone is a part of the territory with defined borders. Free zones is used as a source of Foreign Direct Investment for the government. What is the advantage of incorporating a Free Zone? All types of corporate structure can be register in Georgia free zones. The companies that register within the borders of…

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Why Georgia is a great travelling destination

Why Georgia is a great travelling destination ?

Georgia is famous for its charming nature and its natural resources of rivers. It has many tourist attractions such as historical monuments that date back to the ancient civilizations. Georgia has  great cities including the capital of Tbilisi and the coastal town of Batumi, overlooking the Black Sea coast The World Tourism Organization’s 2018 report…

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live in Georgia

5 reasons to choose to live in Georgia

Some people think about retiring overseas. Georgia is considered one of the most amazing country to live in when it comes to choosing you to need to choose Georgia for 5 reasons: Easy to start a business and live in Georgia Did you know that Georgia is one of the easiest countries in the world…

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