How can I buy a house in Tbilisi Georgia ?

Foreigners can buy property in Tbilisi, where ownership is registered in a house of justice (Georgia Ministry of Justice). It is difficult to find more reliable guarantees. The procedures for registration are fully uncluttered and transparent. Notably, that there are no extra requirements or procedures for foreigners to buy a residential real estate, and no…

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Land for sale in Georgia country – Top 7 Tips

Lands prices in Georgia differ according to their location, and that is because each region has a price for it, for example, if you are looking for land for sale in Georgia country located near the capital, Tbilisi, this price is higher than any other region and vice versa, the price allocated of agricultural land…

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Mr. Amr Alabwaz, Chairman of York Towers in an exclusive interview with magazine He talks about the group’s vision and its role in developing the real estate market in Georgia

we are establishing new standards for the real estate market in Georgia- Development company York Towers The Georgian real estate market has been developing at lightning speed in recent decades. However, in spite of the abundance of development, it is not easy to find accommodation in Tbilisi that is conveniently located, has its own parking, …

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