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apartments for sale in Georgia

Are you looking for apartments for sale in Georgia?

Traveling to Georgia is easy, as the requirements for obtaining a visa are simple. Most citizens of Arab countries do not need a visa (Georgia Visa) and can enter Georgia for the purpose of tourism for periods of up to a year. After visiting Georgia for the first time as

الإقامة في جورجيا

What you should know about apartments in Tbilisi ؟

The city of Tbilisi is the capital of Georgia country in the Caucasus, on the foothills of the Trials Mountains, and on the ancient Silk Road, which is the capital of the country and its largest city, and the Kura River divides it into two main parts, which gives it

buy a house in Tbilisi Georgia

How can I buy a house in Tbilisi, Georgia ?

Foreigners can buy property in Tbilisi, where ownership is registered in the House of Justice (Georgia Ministry of Justice). It is difficult to find more reliable guarantees. The procedures for registration are fully uncluttered and transparent. Notably, that there are no extra requirements or procedures for foreigners to buy a residential

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What will attract you to invest in Georgia

Invest in Georgia If you want to invest in Georgia so geographically it has a strategic location, low taxes, easy procedures if you need services, low employment, the government encourages businesses and trades, it is truly a secure and viable real estate investment environment because it has stable security and prosperous economically.

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Cityscape Dubai Event

For the second consecutive time, YorkTowers company has participated in this global event in Dubai. Cityscape Dubai Cityscape Global is a 3-day event being held at the Dubai World Trade Centre in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. And, this event showcases products like Real Estate Developers, Cities & Regional Authorities, Real Estate Investors, Financial

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Christmas celebrations Georgia

The Georgians are celebrating the New Year’s Eve every year, it’s a holiday and there are some traditions There are people who are making holes in the ice to bless the water when it freezes. There are celebrations and the streets are full of Christmas trees, decorations including stars, angels, lights and palm

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About turkey

Turkey’s history : Aside from the Ottoman state’s defeat during the First World War, there are several factors that contributed to the emergence of the new Turkish state. These include the ethno-religious conflicts in Anatolia, which led to the destruction of the Christian population in the country, effectively making Turkey

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Landmark qatar event

For the second consecutive time, York towers have participated in Landmark mall event. It was 3 days 19 – 20 – 21 July 2018. Landmark mall exhibition is a big mall in Doha, Qatar, where York towers booth was held there.