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friendly nature in georgia

Georgia Traditions and Ethics

As far as we know that Arabs have a big generosity, Georgians have rules and etiquette in their culture. And, The Georgian have a friendly nature, in which there is a statue called (mother of Georgia) that refers to their hospitability.   About the status: Kartvlis Deda (Mother of Georgia) or  Kartlis Deda which is…

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a wonderful day in the capital of beauty

What makes Tbilisi different?

Little things matters, it’s all about little things in a place which you discover that they are big things you have to appreciate it. You can’t be lost in Tbilisi and you can’t think about any country to go except Tbilisi : No matter where you go in Tbilisi, whether if it’s a tour around town,…

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Education system in Georgia

In Georgia, the official language is Georgian, for several years the first foreign language that was taught in Russian. So, here you can know the education system in Georgia But recently the focus has shifted to the English language. The public university in Tbilisi is an elegant university. Educational quality in Georgia is high and at…

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Turkey foreign investment in 9-month

Start your successful investment with York towers. The USDTRY increased 0.0073 or 0.14% to 5.2784 on Thursday, December 27 from 5.2711 in the previous trading session. Historically, the Turkish Lira reached an all-time high of 6.86 in August of 2018. Turkey received $8.1 billion in international investment from January to September 2018, the Industry and…

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