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York Towers is a real estate investment company located in Georgia

Economy in Georgia

Georgia has the best economy circumstances

Georgia’s economy is stable and increasing. Taxes are low as well as the Prices are low regarding the products and the transportations for residents and foreign investors.

Future job growth over the next ten years is predicted to be 37.8%, which is lower than the US average of 38.0%. Price stability is a fundamental factor for the country’s sustainable economic growth.

The currency of Georgia is “Lari” which is about 7 Egyptian pounds. Georgia was originally an agricultural country, but there was an ultimate growth in its economy and flourished in industry and trade, especially in real estate investments.


Georgia was and still is a member of the international trade since 2000. The monthly salary in Georgia is about the US $ 490, there is no minimum wage and the unemployment rate is 12,5%.


There are no restrictions on foreign ownership and any foreigner has the right to own any property while the Government treats him as any Georgian citizen.


All indications refer that investing in Georgia, Tbilisi is a priority and best decision for you. The government is doing its best to support investors and facilitate the procedures. This is in addition to a lot of support from the European countries and neighborhood to recover the economy and investment in Georgia.

Health in Georgia, there are more medical services


In the 1990s, the Georgian Government introduced mandatory social health insurance; however, private health insurance plans abandoned and replaced it as the main system for the financing of health services in Georgia for individuals

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