Are you looking for apartments for sale in Georgia?

Are you looking for apartments for sale in Georgia?

Traveling to Georgia is easy, as the requirements for obtaining a visa are simple. Most citizens of Arab countries do not need a visa (Georgia Visa) and can enter Georgia for the purpose of tourism for periods of up to a year.

After visiting Georgia for the first time as a tourist you will fall in love with this city, you may decide to settle down there.

Over the past few years, Georgia has become one of the favorite destinations for immigration for Arabs from different Arab countries, and the home of people from different cultural of ethnic, and religious backgrounds.

Most buildings and real estate in Georgia have attractive views, wide green areas and stunning lakes, moreover, you can find apartments for sale in Georgia among the cheapest countries in the world in terms of prices of housing units.

Apartment Prices in Georgia

Owning or buying real estate in Georgia is easy and simple, there are no administrative complications or governmental bureaucracy, and the ownership procedures do not take more than one day only to transfer ownership of a real estate.

As the real estate market in Georgia is considered to be emerging to some extent, and for a high return on investment, Arab interest in buying real estate in cities increased Georgia is different, whether, for residency in Georgia, or for investment, Georgia has recently become a land of investment opportunities in various fields of investment.

There are also multiple options whether buying apartments that are fully furnished or without furniture, and the prices vary also according to location

  • On the seaside: $ 500-1500 per square meter.
  • Far from the sea: $ 300-600 per meter.
  • Complete finishes: $ 600-1000 per meter.
  • Without finishes: $ 250-400 per meter

Ownership conditions in Georgia

Here are the most important ownership conditions to be applied for any apartments for sale in Georgia:

  • The ownership of two properties at most for the intention of private housing for the family without prejudice to the right to own the real estate necessary to carry out commercial or private business activity provided that it is authorized by the government.


  • The property should not be under the authority of the state’s antiquities protection law.


  • The area of the property should not exceed four thousand square meters.


  • A special condition is applied in case of ownership in the tourist and urban areas.


  • In the case of owning a building property or vacant land, it is necessary to adhere to the conditions within 5 years, otherwise, it will be prohibited to dispose of it.


Residence and immigration to Georgia


Georgia covers an area of 69,700 km². It is located on the Black Sea in Eastern Europe between Europe and Asia, and it has borders with Russia, Azerbaijan, Armenia, and Turkey.

With its political and liberal reforms, administrative advancement, and the e-governance system, Georgia excels among all the neighboring countries and even a number of European countries.

The real estate investment in Georgia has a high return, and many investment opportunities are available where starting a company in Georgia takes no more than a day. Worth mentioning that Georgia ranks highly among the safest countries in the world with a low rate of crime.

In this modern and fast-growing country with its beautiful nature, many people all over the world are thinking of immigration to Georgia especially the cost of living is very low compared to other European countries

There are many types of residence permits in Georgia, most notably

  • Residence based on an investment in an amount of $ 300,000‎
  • Residence based on an employment contract from one of the Georgian companies
  • Residence due to the purchase of a property and the value of the property must not be less than $100,000

The Georgian residence permit grants you the right to engage in any business activities, working in a company, studying and unrestricted stay in the country.

You will be enjoying all the constitutional rights and freedoms in Georgia including education, healthcare, social security, property and privacy rights, freedom of speech, conscience, religion, and belief.

You should become an owner of a real estate to grant short-term residence permit like an apartment or a house, any other residential or commercial property except for the agricultural land.  

Living in Georgia

Georgia is one of the safest areas, and people are recognized by kindness and hospitality in a great way. Some people may face a problem of communication because of the language barrier, as most of the Georgian people are not fluent in English, but there are simple ways to communicate that will facilitate this issue.

The Georgian people follow the Orthodox Christian religion, and you can get that easily as soon as you roam the cities of this ancient country, where you find old churches, crosses and hanging pictures everywhere bearing pictures of Christ and the Virgin Mary, especially in the popular markets.

Life in Georgia is simpler than many other countries with no complication, you can easily search for apartments for sale in Georgia, and you will be surprised by the quality of public transportation, which eases life in Georgia.

The currency of Georgia is the Georgian Lari, and the cities of this country are full of many Banks, and there are ATMs, especially in tourist places.

The Euro is also accepted as a method of payment in many places in Georgia, although it is expected to be at the bad rate of exchange, so you can keep this to an emergency option.

However, in most places, there are banks through which you can change money, as this is one of the eases of life in Georgia.

Prices in Georgia are cheap compared to other tourist countries, whether in terms of transportation, hotels or food.

For example, 20 Lari would be more than enough to make you roam around the city you live, by a taxi.


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