Christmas begin in georgia

Christmas begin in georgia

York towers celebrate with all the Georgians; the main Christmas tree of the Georgian capital was officially lit up in the First Republic Square by Prime Minister Mamuka Bakhtadze and Mayor Kakha Kaladze.

A special concert and performances were helding at the opening ceremony with the participation of Georgian singers, ballet dancers, and Theater actors.

The main Christmas tree surrounded by visitors can enjoy entertainment, including concerts, taste Georgian food, and gifts.

Christmas Begin in Georgia-there is New year ceremony

Christmas Begin in Georgia-there is New year ceremony:

At the ceremony, the Mayor spoke to the guests especially to the children, noting that everything is being done for Tbilisi residents to help them properly celebrate Christmas and New Year. Georgian Prime Minister also gave a speech to people. He noted that the government is doing their best to ensure that 2019 is a better year than 2018 in everything including economy, investments, tourism, and in many sectors. The prime minister thanked the Mayor for his efforts and hard work and wished the population ‘happy holidays.’

Some traditions there …

Today, Georgia needs unity as never before. With great love, motivation, and most importantly, with our efforts, we will solve all the problems,” he stated.

“I would like to welcome and congratulate our citizens living in the occupied regions. I am sure that we will achieve a lot with our unity. Merry Christmas and a happy New Year! I wish you peace, harmony, happiness, and the prosperity and progress of our homeland,” Bakhtadze said.

Georgians are firm believers of the faith. Bedoya, or the “Day of Faith,” is celebrated on January 2. Orthodox Church marks St. Barbara Day on December 17. St. Barbara is a patron of children. On this day, every family bakes lobiani, a black bean pie.

However, according to the church, this is only a local custom and has nothing to do with the day itself. Another custom in many families is to spread rice across the house for prosperity, luck, and wellbeing.

Foods in Christmas:

Georgia follows the Orthodox Church which places on January 7, this day has special meals locals offer. And the food is the center and the heart of all. The food traditions truly unite Georgians whether family and friends. The Georgian people are hospitable with traditions and ethics similar to Arabs. You will not feel alienated, and there is no racial discrimination between a Georgian citizen and any citizen of other countries.

About activities in Georgia:

You can do a lot of activities in Georgia, such as biking, mountain climbing. Although it is a mountainous area, there are many wonderful rivers where you can go for kayaking and you can find beautiful waterfalls around you. You can also use parachutes and enjoy the magical landscapes, riding horses consider a special tradition that brings you back to ancient times and lives like a prince. You can also watch birds as there are more than 12 natural areas in Georgia.


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