Cost of living in turkey

Cost of living in turkey

Cost of living is an important factor in deciding whether or not to stay.

Turkey includes more than seven million Arabs, and their citizens are using all its requirements of housing, clothing, health insurance, services, and transportation. Don’t think about the cost of living with York towers!

1 – General insurance:

SGK Free health services for all family members in all government hospitals. The average medical examination is 50 -150 lira. In recent years,  and there are more private clinics of Syrian doctors are spreading all over the country which provides excellent service at low prices.

2 – In terms of housing and rent,

prices vary from one city to another. But totally, foreigners are earning standard monthly salaries.

3 – Transport and transportation service:

There are thousands of transportation available for residents like Dolmuş bus and taxi. And Metro ticket price 1.75 lire, children up to the age of eight free tickets valid, and the tickets will never expire.

Cost of Living in Turkey

Istanbul kart is an electronic wallet similar to what European countries are using when you take a bus or a Dolmuş; it’s placed on a device near the driver deducting the fare. And you can charge The Akbil key like a ticket which is fit for different means of transportation.


Cost of living in Turkey is a variable and changing regarding places


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