Education system in georgia

Education system in georgia

In Georgia, the official language is Georgian, for several years the first foreign language that was taught in Russian.

So, here you can know the education system in Georgia

But recently the focus has shifted to the English language. The public university in Tbilisi is an elegant university. Educational quality in Georgia is high and at the same time, its cost is inexpensive.


about the cost of living there, Georgia is the least expensive country in the world, so students can experience and learn a lot with reasonable prices. So, the York towers company helps you educate in the most elegant places in the world.

Accommodation in shared apartments is one of the best ways not only for students but also for their parents to save their money.

The cost of rent is the most expensive city is less than 300 euros per month.

The University of Georgia, and Georgia’s largest educational institution, located in the capital of Tbilisi, has the latest technological systems and laboratories, including faculties of business administration, nursing, pharmacy, dentistry and information technology.

Education analytics in Georgia…

The education level in Georgia is remarkably high and it’s developing day by day, and 10,061 foreign students are receiving educations in the country’s institutions and 2,049 more foreign students enrolled in Georgian universities and institutes in 2017-2018 than in 2016-2017.

Conditions for Registration:

  • Scan Copy of Passport Data Page (Coloured) – Scan Copy of School Transcript

It takes 48hrs for an offer of admission to be out, and 14 working days for E-Visa Letter to be approved from the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Georgia.


Invitation, Accommodation letter & E-Visa will be issued from Georgia. But it is E-Invitation & E-visa.


Students do not need to go embassy for a visa. Because the student will fly with his/her passport, with the above-mentioned documents, and all original educational records. So, visa and invitation will be opened for 3 months from the date of issue and after the arrival of the student will get 1-year multiple visas.

Available Courses and Tuition Fees:

Business and Tourism

  1. Business Administration, 2. Travel and Tourism, 3. Hotel Management,
  2. Marketing and PR, 5. Banking and Finances

Computer Science

  1. Computer Courses Basics, 2. Computer Courses Advance, 3. Multimedia Technologies, 4. Web-Technologies, 5. 3D Animation

Social Science

  1. Public Relations (PR), 2. International Relations (IR), 3. Business English,
  2. Journalism

Duration: 1 year’’ Cost: 3000 USD Diploma, Teaching Materials, Airport pick up, 1 Month Accommodation, Mobile sim card, & Registration to the University. Level: Certificate

Medical Programs

  1. Hospital Nursing Assistant, 2. Emergency Medical Technician/Paramedic

(First Aid), 3. Medical Massage, 4. Sports Massage.

So, duration: 1 year, Cost: 3000 USD Diploma, Practices in Clinics, Teaching Materials, Airport pick up, 1 Month Accommodation, Mobile sim card and Registration to the University. Level: Certificate

Art and Design Courses

  1. Fashion Design, 2. Painting, 3. Jewelry Design

The period: 12 months, Cost: 3000 USD Diploma, Teaching Materials, Specific Materials, Practice in Art and Design studios, Airport Pickup, 1 Month accommodation, Mobile Sim Card and Registration to the University.

Level: Certificate,  Duration: 4 years Level: Bachelor Diploma Costs: 2000 EURO. And there are other courses with the same

the system, Duration: 6 Months, 1 Year & 4 Years Studying in English, Admission visa 100% guarantee.


A student should pay the full payment on getting a visa directly to University Account because to avoid students who run away and fail to join the university.


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