How to get Georgian citizenship & passport by investment

How to get Georgian citizenship & passport by investment

Investment programs with the aim of obtaining direct citizenship are considered one of the immigration portals in general, whereby the investor contributes a certain amount to the economy of the country in return for obtaining a permanent residence initially to obtain in the end the citizenship right or the nationality and passport of that country.

Georgia offers citizenship to investors, after the donation to the country following the steps you will get your citizenship which would give you many credits such as travel to all Schengen countries without a visa, even though Georgia is not a member of the European Union or the Schengen area yet.

Details of the program for obtaining Georgian citizenship by investment

1. The family

When you apply for citizenship in Georgia by investment, you can add in the same application all members of your family (wife & children younger than 26 years) with the same amount of the donation.

2. Program description

According to the Georgia Citizenship Program, you become eligible for residency and Georgian citizenship if you donate a large amount to the state, and it gives you full citizenship for life for you and those with you to apply for citizenship.

The procedure required to submit an application is easy and it takes only about one month after making a donation and submitting all the application documents. Also, there are no assumptions or obligations on dual citizenship, so the applicant can maintain his dual nationality without being forced to abandon his original nationality.

3. Financial terms

To qualify for Georgian citizenship, you must make a donation of 300,000 euros for you and your family.

The amount includes the investor and the family with him, and you can apply for citizenship in the Immigration Office with all documents stating that the donation is transferred to the state treasury.

4. Travel options

When you get your Georgian citizenship, a Georgian passport can be obtained, through which a person can travel to Schengen without a visa, and in the 26 European countries and countries in Central America, Asian countries, Turkey, and Colombia And the Bahamas, Ukraine and Mongolia.

but may be you ask:

what Minimum investments you can start with ?

There are plenty of projects and different business fields you can start with and make a real investment with a minimum package of money, through the upcoming paragraphs we are going to summarise the most highlighted ways that you can lean on, with your minimum package of money.

1. Investment permit:

There are many forms in which foreigners can obtain residence permits in Georgia, some can provide documents amounting to 120,000 USD in the annual sales volume over five years to obtain the permit and others can provide documents confirming their investment at least 300,000 USD in Georgia will also get residence permits.

2. Real Estate:

There are some people who are going to buy real estate to obtain citizenship, in which cases, the applicant must purchase a real estate with a value of 100,000 USD.

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3. Work:

Foreigners can obtain Georgian citizenship by work, but this depends on some conditions that must be met in the company that they will apply to work for, such as the turnovers of it should not be less than 50,000 GEL per foreigner employed.

Naturalization and Dual Citizenship in Georgia.

There are some conditions that must be met to get Naturalization in Georgia such as

  • They must reside legally in Georgia for a period of 10 years, after which they will apply for Georgian citizenship
  • To master the country’s official language, which is Georgian
  • Be familiar with the basic principles of Georgian law
  • Owning a real estate job/ owning land /or even doing business in Georgia

As for dual citizenship, in the past, Georgia did not allow dual citizenship, but now there are no obstacles or objections to having dual citizenship.

How to obtain the Georgian passport?

Georgian citizenship has many important advantages, as a Georgian citizen can join the member states in the Schengen area, after the agreement between the European Union and Georgia, as well as in the case of visa-free travel to a large group of countries such as Malaysia, Latin America, Indonesia, and others, in addition to that The relationship of kinship that any citizen can apply for Georgian citizenship.

Once you get your citizenship in Georgia, You can get your georgian passport, here we are going to explain to you the different sources that you can get your citizenship in Georgia through.

1. Georgian citizenship as an exception:

In this case, nationality is issued if that is in the interest of the state, and granted by the President of Georgia, in which case you will need two letters from persons registered with Georgian citizenship in order to be able to submit the application.

Georgian citizenship according to simple procedures:

In this case, citizenship is issued to the wife of a Georgian citizen who has resided for a period of no less than two years in the country, and also she should know about the general principles of Georgian law and be fluent at the Georgian language.

Georgian citizenship according to the normal procedure:

The normal procedure is that procedure which includes possession of a property or a job in the state of Georgia, a residence for a period of no less than six years in addition to proficiency in the Georgian language, knowledge of the law, the criminal record is free of any crimes, penalties or violations punishable by law for a period Residence.

Steps to get your passport by investment in Georgia?

After completing the required procedures mentioned above, the person who wants to obtain a Georgian passport through investment will do the following:

  • Owning a property.
  • Proficiency in Georgian
  • Knowing the law, the criminal record is free of any crimes, penalties, or violations punishable by law throughout the stay.


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