Fields & advantages of investment in Georgia country

Fields & advantages of investment in Georgia country

Investment in Georgia country, Georgia has become a thriving destination for business investments, the fields of investment vary between real estate investment and tourism investment. The country doesn’t save effort to attract investors from all countries of the world and encourages many to invest in Georgia.

With its political and liberal reforms, administrative advancement, and the e-governance system they have managed to eliminate corruption. Georgia has advantages not available to other neighboring countries, as it is strategically lying between Europe and Asia and the resource-rich nature. Its geographical location is clearly noticeable with a glance on the map, it excels among many European countries.

The extension of its coasts on the Black Sea gives it a position of leadership in providing services such as shipping and transportation. Also, the picturesque nature of Georgia makes it a tourist destination for many travelers, which makes investment in the tourism sector very profitable.

Lately, many Arab countries have increased their diplomatic representation in Georgia,

The investments of the United Arab of Emirates amounted to $ 15.5 million in 2018. Also, there are many Qatari investments in many fields.

A free trade agreement was signed with Turkey and the Commonwealth of Independent States (Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, and others), besides signing agreement with the USA, Norway, Switzerland, Canada, and Japan.

All indicators and economic studies clearly and explicitly indicate that Georgia will become the leader in attracting investment in the region.

The country of Georgia supports foreign investment

The development that took place in Georgia, which changed Georgia from a collapsed country after the former Soviet Union states to a modern one.

The Georgian government supports foreigners to invest in Georgia, which is a priority for them, it adopts all the possible endeavors, such as affording free land for the implementation of mega investment projects; moreover, providing the facilities, public services and infrastructure needed to implement the project.

Many investment funds have taken advantage of this and have made a lot of profit in the past few years. Also, banks provide many loans with different guarantees and in easy ways for serious investors.

Georgia is ranked in fifth place according to the World Bank’s ease of doing business index. You can start a company in Georgia in just one day.


Do you have plans to invest in Georgia’s real estate?

Foreigners have the same rights as Georgian citizens in buying a property in Georgia.

There are no special procedures or papers needed for foreigners and no additional taxes either. The only documents needed are a copy of your passport and the property certificate purchase to become an owner of a property.

Even the registration process doesn’t take much time. The registration of your property is done almost at once and costs nothing and all of that happens in only four working days. Except of fast registration of your property on the same day, will surely cost you more.

Benefits of investment in Georgia country

  • What distinguishes real estate investment in Georgia is the most proper real estate prices, and at the same time the high return on investment. You can buy a hotel apartment in a high-end neighborhood at a small price starting from 60000$.


  • If you invest in Georgia, you can buy a property at your own name, as all real estate sales in Georgia are made in full ownership. It is also possible for a foreigner to set up a company under Georgia law to own property in the country.


  • Similar to the residential real estate, the same rules apply to the purchase of the commercial real estate, such as restaurants, offices, hotels, and shops. There are no restrictions in Georgia in this regard as well.


Fields of investment in Georgia rather than real estates

Georgia is a politically stable investment destination, with an effective, pro-business, corruption-free government, which increased the market size through free trade agreements.

Fields of investment in Georgia country vary, and it has lots of advantages as its affordable, with no property taxes, no barriers to foreign buyers, and permeant residence possibility.

In addition to investing in the real estate filed, Hospitality is one of the fastest-growing sectors of the Georgian economy. During the last years, Georgia recorded a dynamic growth of international visitors, in 2015, the number of international visitors reached 5.9 million while the population of Georgia is 3.7 million people.

Tourism investment in Georgia

Tourism is an important source of income in Georgia, and the country is having healthy economic conditions which led to an increase in the number of tourists and reach a high occupancy rate.

Establishing a hotel in Georgia

You can easily establish a hotel in Georgia, you just need to decide if you are going to set up your hotel by renting or buying a house and then converting it to a hotel.

And then

  • Define your budget.
  • Choose the region, area, and the city carefully.
  • Define accurately the facilities required such as labor and order … etc.
  • Clear the legal procedures which are very simple, and you can do it with the help of a specialist.

Establishing a restaurant in Georgia

It is expected for a country growing steadily in the field of tourism like Georgia, to have the diversity of restaurants that meet the different tastes and cultures of tourists.

There are many restaurants in the Georgian cities now, so you will find both eastern and western restaurants serving everyone.

Arab, Turkish, Georgian, Chinese and Iranian restaurants spread throughout Georgia and main cities.

Agricultural investment in Georgia

Although, buying agricultural lands have become prohibited for non-Georgian citizens, but some people resorted to renting the agricultural lands with long-term contracts to be able to implement their projects.

Some projects you can invest in Georgia in this field:

  • Livestock rearing: fertile soil and vast green areas make food for livestock easy.
  • Fish farming: This project is surrounded by many challenges that must be taken into consideration before its implementation.
  • Poultry farming


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