Kitchen: Isolated or Combined?

Kitchen: Isolated or Combined?


When planning a major overhaul of a house, many people think about whether it is worth combining the kitchen with the hall. We will try to tell you about all the aspects that need to be considered to make it easier for you to make a decision.

Do you love to cook?

Combined kitchen
If you are not cooking intensively, then it makes more sense to connect the kitchen to the hall, and place a dining area between them. In addition, if you are not going to large kitchen utensils, you can make many open shelves for decorations.

Isolated Kitchen
If cooking is your main hobby (or you just have to cook a lot), then it is better to lay out a special place and a separate room. Even the most expensive and powerful hoods will not be able to eliminate the smell of food during cooking. The culinary area should be as comfortable and functional as possible, with large cabins and shelves where you will store all your utensils.
If, nevertheless, you decide to combine the kitchen with the hall in order to save space, then we recommend dividing the space with a glass or plastic sliding door so as not to violate the concept of the overall design.

Do you often have guests?

Combined kitchen
Today, the trend is as much free space as possible, which is most likely caused by the modern pace of life: we have to work, relax, cook and receive guests almost simultaneously.
In this case, a separate kitchen room loses its purpose and even furniture should be chosen for maximum space and freedom. For maximum comfort, it is recommended to have 30-50 square meters of common space with the hall and kitchen together. Do not forget about the overall finish of the floor, and other general stylistic and decorative finishes, so that the total area appears as large as possible.

Isolated Kitchen
If you have a large area, which is typical for country houses and villas, then there is no need to combine these two rooms.In this case, the kitchen itself should be as large as possible so that even there you can receive guests spaciously, and you can arrange it in a special way , in your own style.

Classic or modern interior?

Combined kitchen
In a modern minimalist or loft interior, two rooms look very good together.
You can distinguish the kitchen from the hall with a bar counter, which is also given its own functionality. Pay attention to all the furniture – it must match each other.

Isolated Kitchen

In classic interiors, as well as in Art Nouveau and Art Deco, it is better to isolate the kitchen. You will have the opportunity to design a culinary space according to need and functionality, in a classic style, which will greatly “enrich” your home.


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