Have you ever thought of living in Georgia country?

Have you ever thought of living in Georgia country?

The Republic of Georgia states in the Caucasus region, at the intersections of Western Asia and Eastern Europe, Georgia has a privileged location on the shores of the Black Sea with a unique and ancient cultural heritage.

It is known as the land of endless wonders, it is full of variety of places to see and it is blessed with pleasant climate during the year.

You will be impressed by Georgian blaze of colors and unspoiled nature, its stunning mountain ranges, picturesque valleys are still relatively an unknown vacation destination.

Georgia is gaining popularity slowly and surely, whether you are traveling alone or with your family, living in Georgia country should be on the top of your list

Your guide to living in Georgia

The experience of living in Georgia country is a bit different than any other country in the world, many expats agreeing that a move to this beautiful country is full of challenges, especially that English is not their main language, so you may struggle to try to communicate. Even though the expat community is relatively small, but their relationships are considered interconnected, close, and reliable, moreover the Georgian people are friendly, warm and helpful.

Finding an apartment in Georgia

When relocating to a new country, the most struggling job is to find an inexpensive and appropriate apartment to live in, buying an apartment here is quite expensive unless you are planning on making Georgia your permanent home.

Prices in Georgia for lodging rentals vary, and it is mostly depending on the district and the apartment condition and available utilities.

Regularly, central areas are more expensive then the suburb, but you can still find a decent apartment in a central part of the city at a reasonable price.

For example, the price for a studio with one bedroom flat starts at $250 and might go up to US$1000 per month.

It is important to know while you are doing your researches that the number of rooms in Georgian reality does not reflect the exact number of bedrooms, but the total number of rooms (bedrooms and living room are counted together as bedrooms).

Hence, an apartment of two rooms is not a two-bedroom apartment, but one bedroom and a living room which is counted as a second room.

Notable, that most of the owners quote monthly rates in US dollars and expect you to pay cash in that currency.

Education in Georgia

Upon expat’ experience, education in Georgia is varied. You may struggle Living in Georgia country to seek out faculties for your kids far away from the capital, which means that education is a serious factor to choose a location to settle.

State schooling in Georgia is just mandatory between the ages of six till fourteen and is conducted in either Russian or Georgian. 


Kids receive a basic education in associate degree primary school settings till the age of twelve. Afterward, they move to a secondary school, when they can opt to complete higher education for the coming three years, to be certified with the associate degree Arasruli Sashualo Ganatlebis Mostmoba at fifteen. 


Those who prefer to continue schooling for 2 more years attain a Sashualo Ganatlebis Atestasi certificate, before entering institutes and universities.

The international schools in Tbilisi meet the needs of the expat’s community. Buckswood International School, where students can study in English for UK qualifications, including GCSE’s and A-Levels, also The British International School of Tbilisi offers an academic program from early education to A-levels.

Not only English study, the French-Georgian Ecole Marie Brosset, where students study for the French Baccalaureate examination

The American QSI International School is also located in Tbilisi, where the students study the US curriculum and recognized qualifications.

Most of Georgian private universities are located in Tbilisi, as we as in Zugdidi, Fori, Rustavi and Kutaisi.

Culture and Leisure

Georgia is a gorgeous country with different cultural of ethnic, and religious backgrounds which mixes medieval and modern structures. 

Georgia is full of beautiful ancient churches nestled next to modern buildings, great food, and cheap beer. You can have fun and enjoy all the year along; in late spring and early summer you can enjoy hiking, while in late July you can spend summer on the beaches, and in winter you have another option, when you can try skiing and snowshoeing.

The Tusheti National Park on the northern slopes of the Caucasian Mountains is considered one of the most ecological and pure regions in the Caucasus, which was placed by UNESCO on its world heritage list in 2007.

For those who are looking for challenges, a weekend climbing Mount Elbrus (the highest in Europe) will be fascinating, you will satisfy yourself with an exceptional view that could only belong to Georgia.

On the other hand, Tbilisi has different vibes, especially at night, where you have varied choices of nightclubs, bars, and live music venues, you can always join your friends to spend a lovely evening.

Health Care in Georgia

Healthcare in Georgia is in a very high standard; although most of the facilities are mainly found in Tbilisi and Batumi.

According to records, Georgia receives considerable health financing from external sources; like the United Nations, the World Bank, non-governmental organizations and other countries, such as Germany, Japan, and the United States.

Nevertheless, the cost of medical care is still high, and if you are living in Georgia country you will not be entitled to free or subsidized health care, which means you need a comprehensive insurance policy before you move. You can find many companies would help you in this regard.

But generally, the health care system has a skilled staff, equipment for modern diagnosis and treatment, and speed in completing examination and reports.


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