New records tourism georgia

New records tourism georgia

Tourism is an essential part of any country in which it controls the economy in every country,

these days Georgia attracted a lot of tourists to go there and enjoy their life.

Georgian Prime Minister declaration:

Georgian Prime Minister Mamuka Bakhtadze declared to the media about the country’s latest records of tourism.

In 2018,

There was a national record in which a total of 8,679,544 international visitors came into the country.


Said that this is actually a special and unique success for Georgia… and it means that the country grabs attention and people are interested in Georgia while the interest is growing day by day.

Tourists in Georgia:

Tourists learn more about their country and know that their distinctive culture is an essential part of the civilization in Europe.


Also pointed to other numerous important achievements and improvements of Georgia in 2018 such as the “host country” of the world-famous Frankfurt Book Fair, and there are high rankings in security and grabbing tourists from many organizations and publications.

About tourism in Georgia:

So, Georgia is one of the fastest growing tourist places in the world and becomes now in the fourth ranking in the world while in the second ranking in Europe because that’s according to the United Nations World Tourism Organization report.

International visitor trips:

New Records of Tourism in Georgia…

Also, International tourism is a rapidly growing industry and there is an estimate that tourist arrivals will double for the next five years.

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