Common Traditions between Turkey and Arabs

Common Traditions between Turkey and Arabs

Turkey’s culture is a variety of other cultures such as Greek, Armenia, Georgia, and Arab traditions;

The Evil Eye:

One of the traditions in Egypt, the Nazar or the Evil eye, which is the most popular gifts and you can find it in offices, homes and in transportations.

It’s a blue eye drawn on glass and it’s a belief that this object is to avoid envy and negative energy and protect the place or the person because this is according a superstition and it was spreading on door houses or others were designing as a ring or a necklace to bring good luck.

Turkish Carpets:

Traditions in Turkey,

There are carpets in every Turkish home with a special design that you can’t find it anywhere.

Handmade carpets are famous in Turkey while in recent years carpets became more modern and there are factories make it but the handmade will always be a famous and special tradition.

So in holidays, people are gifting each other’s with the handmade carpets and that’s mean a lot because handmade carpets are valuable.

The Tea:

Tea in turkey is a drink that is serving in a special cup of glass but it’s a famous tradition that means hospitality, If you go everywhere in Turkey such as person’s home or shop or anywhere so the people there should provide you a cup of tea as a sign of welcoming, so the Turkish tea is a national drink.

Loud Car Beep:

Traditions in Turkey

Car beeping is a tradition linked with happy occasions.

If there is a loud car beep so that means there is a wedding and this is similar to a tradition in Egypt or it means that a person is will send off to their military service.

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