work permit requirements in Georgia Europe

work permit requirements in Georgia Europe

Georgia is a beautiful country which is located in the continent of Asia and has many tourist attractions. Recently, many people went to get a Work permit in Georgia Europe, and start a new life due to the ease of starting again in Georgia.

How to get a work visa to Georgia europe.

  • It is possible to obtain a visa and get your work permit in Georgia Europe, and then to reside and citizenship in Georgia through a contract of employment as an employee of a company registered in Georgia.
  • You can obtain a work visa in republic of georgia and a residence permit by applying for a position as an employee at a registered law office in Georgia and submitting it to the Ministry of Immigration.
  • Applicants who intend to immigrate and get a work permit in Georgia Europe must obtain a long-term visa, which is like a work permit in this country, but citizens of the European Union and refugees in Georgia and holders of diplomatic visas are excluded from obtaining this visa, but they can reside in Georgia only For one year.

The Conditions and requirements for an entry visa to Georgia.

  • The basis for staying in Georgia for a foreign resident is obtaining a permanent or temporary residence visa if permanent residence is not available from international treaties in Georgia.
  • Foreign officials from diplomatic missions obtain a visa for their first entry into Georgia and remain in effect during their time in Georgia.
  • Georgia Border Police give the cases defined by international legislation a visa permit term of more than 90 days at a cost of 50 lari, and a 360-day visa at a cost of 100 lari.
  • Georgia allows immigrants to obtain work on its soil, but if any forged document is discovered, the migrant is punished with imprisonment and a fine, knowing that when filling any job in Georgia, the employer is required to confirm that the worker has obtained a work permit, and implementation has begun This law in the year 2012 AD.

The documents required to obtain a Georgia visa:

  • Personal passport
  • 3/4 colored image
  • Fee payment receipt.

Standard Georgian visa issuance fees:

  • Multiple Ordinary Visa for 360 Days: 100 Georgian lari ($ 40.68 USD).
  • Single Visa: 50 Georgian lari ($ 20.34).

How to find a job in Georgia?

The process of searching for a job opportunity in Georgia is one of the most ideal processes, as there are many methods that you can use to connect with the establishment that you want to work with easily and conveniently.

you can search online ,through speculative communications and through portals which are designed specifically to find jobs for expats, they are also a great place to start when planning your international movement, and don’t be afraid to communicate with Georgian companies as well; The economy provides local companies with the safety to expand and many may be keen to add an international component to their employees.

Top 6  job opportunities in Georgia .

Although Georgia is a simple and beautiful country, it needs a lot of volunteers to work there, and this work is determined according to the time of your arrival in Georgia, you can travel and work in Georgia according to the experiences and skills that you possess.

The more your experiences and skills, the easier you get your Work permit in Georgia Europe.

There are so many job opportunities you can get in Georgia. Here ,it is the list of the top demanded job opportunities that you can target and get easily only after getting your Work permit in Georgia Europe.

Tourism business.

Georgia is a first-class tourist country, It has many breathtaking places to attract visitors around the world such as the famous Boulevard Garden, Mount Kazbek, Vardzia Monastery, and Narikala Fortress.

In light of this notion , whenever you get a tourist qualification and full knowledge of the meaning of Georgia tourism, it would be easy to get a work permit in Georgia Europe.

Investing in Georgia.

Georgia is well known for its investment, there are many facilities that are given to the investors so that as you get your Work permit in Georgia Europe, you could start your business which can be shaped in establishing small hotels, restaurants, and cafes.

Service businesses.

Once you get your Work permit in Georgia Europe, you can head to one of the most demanded work opportunities in Georgia which is Service businesses.

Georgia is a place that is packed with cafes, restaurants, and offices which all the time call for Service businesses, what makes this field too good is it does not require a specific certification or qualification.

Also through the summer you can find many job opportunities as the Summer is one of the busy seasons in Georgia, as the weather in Georgia is sunny, and tourists always go to the coast to escape the heat, so you find that most of the jobs during the summer period are related to tourism, and you will be able to get a job opportunity in Georgia with ease in this season.

Teaching English.

One of the best things you can do in Georgia is teaching English. If you are a good English speaker, you can come to Georgia, where you can easily reach your goal and you will find a job in Georgia easily.

Ice skating Coach.

In Georgia the winter is more than just a season, it also a job opportunity for many as the country has many mountains and wonderful cold that attract many people around the world to come and spend the winter in Georgia thus being an Ice skating Coach would provide you a golden job opportunity.

Tour guide.

There are many historical places in Georgia like Tsminda Sameba Cathedral, Narikala Fortress, Svetitskhoveli, Batumi Boulevard, and Aerial Tramway in Tbilisi, all these places are very attractive for the tourists who come from over the world to visit Georgia. 

Benefits of getting  a work permit in Georgia country.

  • Retirement Plan.
  • Credit Union.
  • US Bonds.
  • annual paid vacation
  • paid sick leave days 
  • You can open a bank account in Georgia, easily handle transactions and transfers from your country to Georgia, and vice versa. 
  • You have medical insurance throughout the stay


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