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Deep and Comprehensive Free Trade Agreement (DCFTA)

Since June 27, 2014 Georgia benefits from the Deep and Comprehensive Free Trade Area with the European Union and the products produced in Georgia can enter the EU market without customs duty.

Bilateral Free Trade Agreements (FTA)

Generalized System of Preferences (GSP)

Stable and Transparent Business Environment

Today, Georgia has a strong investment offer - It has a stable and growing economy, thriving cities, and competitive costs for operating business. The country is making huge amounts of investments in infrastructure and education to support tomorrows demands of large-scale impact investments.

The Georgian economy remains on the path of sustained economic growth. Economic output expanded by 4.7 per cent in 2019, driven largely by growth in trade, hospitality & real estate, transport and financial sectors. It is a country full of young, dynamic and skilled people and an ‘Open Door Policy’ to help foreign and local companies grow in and via Georgia.

Simple Law and Fair Taxation

Georgia is the safest country among 12 states of East Europe and Central Asia for Covid-19, reports Deep Knowledge Group.

European Scientist about Georgia

European Scientist, published in three languages (English, French and German), is yet another leading edition that has praised and emphasized Georgia's effective fight against COVID-19.

"Some governments have been able to anticipate the crisis better than others, taking restrictive but necessary measures which have turned out to be beneficial for their country. This is the case of Georgia, for example, which limited travel as early as January 28, long before other European countries. That decision – an early and decisive action that was praised by the WHO – taken by Georgian Prime Minister Georgi Gakharia, was followed by others, such as the early cancellation of major sporting and cultural events. Georgia also closed ski resorts, restaurants and bars. All of these actions were taken when very few people were infected. Measures to cushion the economy immediately followed and an economic rescue plan was launched (tax deferrals, loans guaranteed by the government, VAT refunds…).

A dedicated website was set up by the government to communicate directly with citizens in real-time. As Gabriel Wacksman for European Scientist points out, this ability of governments to anticipate the pandemic, and then act decisively, is fundamental and even more appreciable when it comes from a small country," reads the article.

Georgia Safe Country
Invest In Georgia

Advantages of investment climate in Georgia

A politically stable investment destination
Efficient, pro-business and corruption-free government
Free trade agreement with 2.3 billion markets
Competitive cost of labor and energy
Entry gate between Europe and Asia
Stable Macroeconomic situation and solid sovereign balance sheet
Simple, low and efficient taxation
6th easiest country to do business in (World Bank’s Ease of Doing Business Report 2019)
6th safest country in the world (Numbeo’s Crime Index, 2019)

Cost of living in Georgia

  • Georgian currency is called Lari ( GEL)
    Now 1 US $ cost 3 GEL.
    A single person monthly cost around 385 $ (1500 GEL)
    The average monthly costs for 4 persons family is 1300 $ (3890 GEL)
    Cost of living rank 395th out of 437 cities in the world.
    For comparison we take the New York city and its costs.
    Consumer prices in Tbilisi are 71,29% lower than in New York.
    Consumer prices including rent in Tbilisi are 80, 62% lower than in NY.
    So, the same good level of living in NY will cost you around 8000$ monthly,
    in Tbilisi Will cost only 1500$ including the rent.

  • 1-bedroom apartment in the Centre of the city costs from 190 to 400$
    3-bedrooms apartment in city Centre from 300$ to 1200$
    1-bedroom apartment out of the Centre costs from 120 to 300$
    3-bedrooms apartment out of the Centre from 250 to 500$

  • In the Centre of the city the prices vary from 800 to 2000$ per 1 M2.
    Outside of Centre from 550 to 900$ per M2.

  • 1 liter of Milk costs 1$
    500 grams of white bread - 0.33$
    1 kilo of white rice -0.90$
    6 natural eggs – 1 $
    1 kilo of beef cost from 5 to 8 $
    1 kilo of apples – 0.90$
    1 kilo of oranges fro0m 1 to 1.20$
    Kilo of tomato vary in the price from 0.50 – to 1.50
    Potatoes -from 0.30 to 0.060$
    Onion - from 0.19 to 0.75
    1.5 liter of mineral water cost – from 0.30 to 0.50$
    Bottle of red wine (mid-range) – from 2.50 to 6$

  • If you love the Restaurants -then Georgia right place for you.
    The lunch in mid-range restaurant (three courses) for two persons costs from 15 to 18$

  • One-way ticket (Bus, Metro) cost 0.19$
    The price for monthly pass – 11.26$
    Taxi vary from 0.75 to 2$
    1 liter of Gasoil cost from 0.80 to 0.98$

  • Electricity, heating, water and garbage service vary from 37 to 90$ depends on the season and the space of the apartment.
    Internet service cost from 10 TO 22 $ which includes Unlimited data and cable TV

  • Fitness club and swimming pool vary from 26 to 50$ per month.
    Cinema costs from 3.75 to 5$
    Education and childcare
    Private full day Kindergarten (Preschool) cost from 50 to 190$
    International primary school with (IB International Bachelor program) from 1500 to 3, 800$ per year.

Safety Country

Deep Knowledge Group (DKG) has assessed countries based on 76 parameters to determine their treatment efficiency, healthcare readiness, quarantine efficiency, and government efficiency of risk management.

In total, the organisation conducted research in 200 countries and regions, in which Georgia took 39th place.

0 Covid-19 Safety Ranking

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