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River Dream


About the complex

This is a unique project of a multifunctional complex in the heart of Tbilisi, designed to be modern, comfortable and environmentally friendly.

The residential complex “River Dream” will undoubtedly decorate the capital of Georgia.

This project will realize the concept of a picturesque quiet green oasis, despite the noise and rapid motion of the metropolis.

Exclusive architectural thought – To arrange a residential complex on the bank of the Mtkvari River – makes this place even more attractive, emphasizing the merger of the centuries-old history of Tbilisi, nature and innovative building technologies.


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Location and Infrastructure  

• Convenient transport logistics.
• The “River Dream” residential complex is located just in few steps from famous “Astoria” restaurant.
• 3 minutes from Ortachala bus stop.
• 3 minutes from the world-famous sulfur baths, one of which at one time visited A.S. Pushkin.
• 3 minutes from Isani metro.
• In the heart of old Tbilisi.
• Thanks to your good location, you will be in the city Centre in just 7 minutes at Liberty Square and just 15 minutes at the international airport.
• There are 2 schools and 3 kindergartens within minutes of the complex.


• Unique design.
• Playground: green, secure, equipped with love and care.
• Healthy environment.
• Protected area 24/7.
• The air near the river is always cleaner and fresher.
• What a spectacular view from the window of your house for Tbilisi’s centuries-old sights: Narikala, Mother Georgia Monument, Mtkvari River, quiet green hills.
• The residential complex is equipped with silent elevators.
• Two floors of underground parking.
• Protected ground parking.


• Smart, stylish design.

• The number of floors is 13.

• The “River Dream” residential complex is always in a bright mood, perfectly in harmony with the surrounding landscapes.

• Our company always uses only high-quality ISO materials for all projects, as well as a quick, safe and modern technology.

• “River Dream” Complex has a unique design, your home is the real you.


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7/30a Artur Laisti Street, T'bilisi, Georgia




Offices Amenities
  • 24-hour security
  • Air Conditioning
  • Central Heating
  • Emergency Exit
  • On-Site Parking

4 Bedrooms
4 Bedrooms
1 Bathroom