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York Town


It is an integrated project that reflects a social organization offering a luxurious and modernized lifestyle, featuring serenity and beauty.

This project is simply a definition of the diverse modern society, as it is situated in the heart of the Georgian capital Tbilisi, and extended over an area of 100,000 square meters with construction costs exceeding (100) Million US dollars.


This project overlooks a natural valley, dense forest and landscapes having a running river of rain gathering and is decorated with natural distinctive rocks, from the other side, the capital of Tbilisi can be seen with its vibrant and beauty throughout the year.


York Town – Eco Friendly Project

Our architects were seeking local solutions to new design challenges, to reduce the carbon footprint of Yorktown construction, our customers will be living in green buildings enjoying many health benefits because of the safety of materials used in the construction of such buildings. Our construction team avoiding using any toxic materials. by reducing usage of energy sources that pollute the environment as Yorktown overlooks dense forest and landscapes where you will get a  breath of fresh air.

 green buildings contribute to keeping the environment clean. green buildings vastly reduce the amount of power used in lighting systems; This allows users to save as much as a third of their water and energy bills. Given that operating and maintenance costs can account for as much as 80% of the lifetime costs of a building, reducing such costs significantly increases the earnings of building owners.


Yorktown offers villas, apartment and luxury houses surrounded by landscape, large parks and architecture that embodies creativity and good taste.

This comes in addition to the commercial hotels and recreational services that make it a luxury residence, a distinct tourist destination and a successful investment.

The Georgian government has described it as the largest compound in Georgia.


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Services and Facilities

Meditation Area-Your suitable place for inner peace

At York Town we have dedicated a place to practice some sports, such as Yoga,

with specification that give rise to relax and complete tranquility. with a wonderful

view of the green mountains and charming nature.


Sport Track-Style over speed

We cannot fail the importance of sports, running and cycling, so track is designed with world

class standards that are waterproof, non-slip and weather-resistant.


Kinder area- Making Your Child’s World Better.

York town is a perfect place for children as it has plenty of play areas, sports track and kid’s activities where they can play with peace of mind and enjoy the exceptional landscape everywhere within the compound.


Spa center and club- “Where your body meets your soul”. “Unlimited luxury for mind, body, and soul”


York Town provides lots of possibility to have active and joyful life, including indoor and outdoor swimming pools for any season.   


Luxury hotel- Check into another world “Best Memories start here”


Yorktown compound offers all the facilities within the compound, a new settlement hidden in the greenery of Tabakhmela…


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Tamar Mefe Street, Mtatsminda District, Tabakhmela, Georgia




Offices Amenities
  • 24-hour security
  • Central Heating
  • Air Conditioning
  • Gym
  • On-Site Parking

Royal Villa
Spacious Modern Living

Royal Villa a truly Royal experience, it’s designed for whom looking for a majestic and prestigious lifestyle, the Royal Villa encapsulates the essence of luxury in its splendidly appointed interior and exterior spaces. With this villa you will experience unparalleled elegance, privacy and tranquility.

the Villa consists of:

A 3-storey building with area up to 350 meters.

The Villas were divided with a great architectural design,

taking into account the harmony area allocation of the land areas in an

exemplary manner.

The areas are ideally designed to include:

(4-5 bedrooms -  4 bathrooms - 3 halls - 1 Kitchen)

Centralized HVAC system

Private swimming pool

Private parking accommodating 2 cars

Private garden with 450-meter landscape, where you can enjoy

with family and friends and have barbecues with complete privacy


We named Tamar’s Villa due to the ancient city of Tbilisi and Tabakhmela where the famous queen Tamar was living and had her first son born in Tabakhmela.

Tamar the Great was the first female monarch who ruled as a king of the country.  The period when she ruled is regarded as Golden Age in Georgian history. with a unique exterior architecture design the reflects the great Georgian history.

Tamar won two very important battles in Georgian history: Battle of Shamkori (1195) and Battle of Basiani (1202). Tamar was the owner of the lands from the Black Sea to the Caspian Sea, from Speri to Derbend, and all the Caucasus up to Khazaria and Scythia.


Panorama Villa is located in the highest point of the project more than 1200 square meters above sea level, it has Magnificent panoramic view with a unique architecture design with open view and outdoor landscape and amazing forest. Panorama plus villa has the main features of Panorama villa but if you are looking for a bigger space with same amazing panoramic view in the highest point of Tabakhmela.

The Garden Hills Villas feature a spacious garden with two level garden, where you can access the garden from the ground and first floor, Villa Garden Hills is a great choice for whom looking for outdoor quality time with family and friends where you can enjoy the rich nature and large garden.


Discover your perfect private sanctuary, nestled amidst the lush tropical gardens with our garden villa, surrounded by colorful tropical plants and connected by winding pathways, It’s a cozy villa with an amazing two level garden where you can enter from ground and first floor.

Garden Villas concept is to create a healthy home for the owner, ideal external landscaping is designed so that green shrubs, vines and flowers may be planted to the owners own liking. Imagine setting tables and chairs on the balcony and enjoying a leisurely afternoon, overlooking the vines on the windows.


Imagine the lush brilliance of nature all around you while living within a cutting-edge home that enhances health and comfort. Our 3-storey Garden Villas are designed to offer sleek luxury, pampered with natural indulgence. Enjoy superbly spacious layouts that will broaden your lifestyle horizons and bring out healthier living.

Let home-life take root and flourish within the unique and fertile environment at the Garden Villas. The Garden Villa Lux has an exclusive architecture interior design that have open view from four sides of villa.  

York town reflects a vibrant lifestyle, as all residences of the highest standards of luxury and comfort with a natural view of the green spaces and surfaces decorated with green plants for clean and fresh air.

It also has a central heating and cooling system and other services that bring tranquility and peace of mind to you and your family these units are characterized by their stunning interior designs and practical decorative touches that suit the needs of any family. moreover, they are suitable for young people as well.

Our projects also offer different styles and different spaces to suit your choices, the project contains apartments starting from 40 sqm up to 100 sqm with open terrace and unique architectural design that matches all tastes.