Dighomi Mall is a complex that combines space for housing and commerce in the best point of Western Tbilisi. The location of Dighomi Mall is distinguished by its proximity to the main highway of Georgia, proximity to shopping centers and elite districts of the city. the ecology and air in this residential part are the cleanest.

  • Location Didi Dighomi, Tbilisi, Georgia
  • Type Residential, Commercial


The property manager mentors the improvement of the building, both outside and inside, organizing all the necessary repair, painting and technical work within the complex.

Reception and storage area

In the main lobby you can find a reception to contact the property manager for any questions or needs you may have. You can also leave your personal items here for temporary storage in special storage cells.

Taking care

During your absence, you can warn the manager, so that your apartment is kept in the best possible conditions. With even more attention, our staff will look after your property.


The property manager is also responsible for the cleanliness of all common areas of the complex, including the entrances. You can also ask the manager to call the cleaning service for your apartment for an additional fee.


A healthy environment is very important for us, in this regard, we pay great attention to landscaping and beautification of the environment of the complex. You can find many green areas, all around.

Lighting and Elevator

The manager is responsible for the necessary lighting inside and outside the building, in common areas. And also for the correct and safe operation of the elevators.


The building has parking for several hundred cars. The parking lot is isolated from areas where are many passers-by and children, for your safety.

Security and Cameras

At the reception, the security of the entire building is monitored, surveillance cameras operate throughout the day and throughout the week, 24/7.

About Concierge

The multifunctional complex Digomi Mall has a Concierge service, which also acts as a property manager. The concierge welcomes all the residents and guests of the complex to the reception area of ​​the third, main building.

how the concierge can help you

The concierge will provide new information to help you navigate in Georgia. The information may relate to any regulations or rules, as well as various government services.

Malls, Shops, Restaurants, Pharmacy, Fitness and etc

Places to visit in Georgia

State regulations regarding pandemic

Info about government services

Helping with arranging and booking

Taxi Service



Car for renting

Travel and info tours

You can ask the reception for any service, for an additional fee, such as laundry, car wash, parking and so on. The concierge can also translate you, both inside the building and outside, you just need to call him.


Didi Dighomi, Vepkhistkaosani st. 6
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