York Aseel

York Aseel

York Aseel

Beylikdüzü, Istanbul, Turkey


  • York Aseel
  • York Aseel
  • York Aseel

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5250 m2


“York Aseel” for a better life

We provide you a better life full of serenity and safety in “York Aseel” Project which is located in “Belek Dozu” Project that is known as one of the most elegant places in European Istanbul, on an area of 5250 meters square

How it designed…

“York Aseel” had been designed for you and your family with integrated services and great infrastructure that consists of thermal insulation and generator “Hydra for”, sound insulation, central cable for TV, and safety system against the earthquakes.

The project consists of residential apartments and commercial units:

– 4 blocks for the residential apartments Consists of 156 units.

– 19 commercial units

Project Services: (Social Activities)

“York Aseel” consists of all facilities and social activities:

– Security Cameras and 24 hours Security System
– Security gates from Steel and Iron
– Kids’ Area
– Terrace
– Elevator
– Tracks for Jogging
– Green Areas
– Parking
– Restaurants and Cafes
– System for discovering fire
– Automatic system for stopping the fire
– Central Warming System


The Project is close to:

– Osmangazi Cd way
– Yakuplu primary school (Yakuplu İlköğretim Okulu)
– The food bank in Belek dozu (Beylikdüzü Municipality Food Bank)
– Metrobus
– Hyper Market (Bim )
– Yakuplu fıratpen ana bayi Mall


In “York Aseel” we provide you different areas and models for apartments that suit all your needs so you can find:

– Residential apartment with an area starting from 55 meters square (room and reception) until 130 meters square (3 rooms and reception)
– 19 commercial units

Units’ Models:-

– 1+1 with an area starting from 55 meters square.

– 2+1 with an area starting from 90 meters square until 114 meters square.
– 3+1 with an area of 130 meters square.


Additional Details

  • No. Of Residential:: 165
  • No. Of Buildings:: 4
  • No. Of Commercial:: 19
  • Size Range :: 55 : 130 m2

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