Georgian food is one of the world’s most amazing Food, featuring flavors from Greece and the Mediterranean, as well as influences from Turkey and Persia kitchen.

Here are 5 of the best Georgian dishes that you should try.


It’s a famous traditional Georgian dish. The original recipe, consisting of only minced meat, onions, chili pepper, salt, and cumin. However, a modern recipe uses parsley and cilantro.

Khachapuri Adjaruli

It is the Georgian classic, cheese bread par excellence. Its form varies from region to region, so it can take a thin or thick crust, it can contain single or many layers, Khachapuri can assume round, triangle or rectangle form of all sizes and even come boat-shaped with an egg in the middle.


Once grilled,  skewers removed meat cubes and shaken in a pot of thinly sliced onions and pomegranate juice. Sizzling meat slightly caramelizes the onions, while pomegranate juice forms a mild, acidy sauce with the meat juices.

Assorted Pkhali

Pkhali is a Georgian cold vegetarian appetizer. A mélange of spice-rich walnut paste, fresh herbs and vinegar are added to vegetables, fried or boiled.

Mixed Mushroom Stew in a clay pot

Georgian cuisine features a wide range of slow-cooked meat stews such as Kharcho or Chaqapuli. ِAnd while the meat remains a prime ingredient, some vegetarian versions are mastered increasingly, especially during the lent.

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