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Real Estate Development

Deveplopment Real Estate Development

Real Estate has become one of the prime areas of focus in Georgia.

Interest has picked up significantly and now properties are being sought and purchased by foreign investors as well.

The professional team of Investment analysts of our company conduit of choice for the purchase and sale of real estate in Georgia.

Operating projects in Georgia, Turkey, Azerbaijan, Egypt, and other countries, we are ready to develop your real estate investment in the most profitable way.

Development is the principle concept of every industry. Real Estate development is the process that includes the renovation of existing buildings, the purchase of new land, and the sale of the constructed land.

There will be concerning bodies to govern these activities, that is why, we, York Towers Company, hold the task of managing these activities.

The role of the real estate developer includes the following:

We have the responsibility to develop newer possibilities in the real estate industry.

We make feasibility studies about the real estate properties, their requirement, and customer growth.

We overlook the project until it is completed.

We supervise the contractors and resolve the problems with minimum expenditures.