Kitchen: Isolated or Combined?

Kitchen: Isolated or Combined?


When planning a major overhaul of a house, many people think about whether it is worth combining the kitchen with the hall. We will try to tell you about all the aspects that need to be considered to make it easier for you to make a decision.

Do you love to cook?

Combined kitchen
If you are not cooking intensively, then it makes more sense to connect the kitchen to the hall, and place a dining area between them. In addition, if you are not going to large kitchen utensils, you can make many open shelves for decorations.

Isolated Kitchen
If cooking is your main hobby (or you just have to cook a lot), then it is better to lay out a special place and a separate room. Even the most expensive and powerful hoods will not be able to eliminate the smell of food during cooking. The culinary area should be as comfortable and functional as possible, with large cabins and shelves where you will store all your utensils.
If, nevertheless, you decide to combine the kitchen with the hall in order to save space, then we recommend dividing the space with a glass or plastic sliding door so as not to violate the concept of the overall design.

Do you often have guests?

Combined kitchen
Today, the trend is as much free space as possible, which is most likely caused by the modern pace of life: we have to work, relax, cook and receive guests almost simultaneously.
In this case, a separate kitchen room loses its purpose and even furniture should be chosen for maximum space and freedom. For maximum comfort, it is recommended to have 30-50 square meters of common space with the hall and kitchen together. Do not forget about the overall finish of the floor, and other general stylistic and decorative finishes, so that the total area appears as large as possible.

Isolated Kitchen
If you have a large area, which is typical for country houses and villas, then there is no need to combine these two rooms.In this case, the kitchen itself should be as large as possible so that even there you can receive guests spaciously, and you can arrange it in a special way , in your own style.

Classic or modern interior?

Combined kitchen
In a modern minimalist or loft interior, two rooms look very good together.
You can distinguish the kitchen from the hall with a bar counter, which is also given its own functionality. Pay attention to all the furniture – it must match each other.

Isolated Kitchen

In classic interiors, as well as in Art Nouveau and Art Deco, it is better to isolate the kitchen. You will have the opportunity to design a culinary space according to need and functionality, in a classic style, which will greatly “enrich” your home.

get Georgian citizenship & passport by investment

How to get Georgian citizenship & passport by investment

Investment programs with the aim of obtaining direct citizenship are considered one of the immigration portals in general, whereby the investor contributes a certain amount to the economy of the country in return for obtaining a permanent residence initially to obtain in the end the citizenship right or the nationality and passport of that country.

Georgia offers citizenship to investors, after the donation to the country following the steps you will get your citizenship which would give you many credits such as travel to all Schengen countries without a visa, even though Georgia is not a member of the European Union or the Schengen area yet.

Details of the program for obtaining Georgian citizenship by investment

1. The family

When you apply for citizenship in Georgia by investment, you can add in the same application all members of your family (wife & children younger than 26 years) with the same amount of the donation.

2. Program description

According to the Georgia Citizenship Program, you become eligible for residency and Georgian citizenship if you donate a large amount to the state, and it gives you full citizenship for life for you and those with you to apply for citizenship.

The procedure required to submit an application is easy and it takes only about one month after making a donation and submitting all the application documents. Also, there are no assumptions or obligations on dual citizenship, so the applicant can maintain his dual nationality without being forced to abandon his original nationality.

3. Financial terms

To qualify for Georgian citizenship, you must make a donation of 300,000 euros for you and your family.

The amount includes the investor and the family with him, and you can apply for citizenship in the Immigration Office with all documents stating that the donation is transferred to the state treasury.

4. Travel options

When you get your Georgian citizenship, a Georgian passport can be obtained, through which a person can travel to Schengen without a visa, and in the 26 European countries and countries in Central America, Asian countries, Turkey, and Colombia And the Bahamas, Ukraine and Mongolia.

but may be you ask:

what Minimum investments you can start with ?

There are plenty of projects and different business fields you can start with and make a real investment with a minimum package of money, through the upcoming paragraphs we are going to summarise the most highlighted ways that you can lean on, with your minimum package of money.

1. Investment permit:

There are many forms in which foreigners can obtain residence permits in Georgia, some can provide documents amounting to 120,000 USD in the annual sales volume over five years to obtain the permit and others can provide documents confirming their investment at least 300,000 USD in Georgia will also get residence permits.

2. Real Estate:

There are some people who are going to buy real estate to obtain citizenship, in which cases, the applicant must purchase a real estate with a value of 100,000 USD.

With York towers real estate development company you can easily get this step done, you only need to contact with us, also if you have any questions we will always be there for you, only click on the direct chat and tell us about all your questions and your concerns to get the proper answers you seek for.

3. Work:

Foreigners can obtain Georgian citizenship by work, but this depends on some conditions that must be met in the company that they will apply to work for, such as the turnovers of it should not be less than 50,000 GEL per foreigner employed.

Naturalization and Dual Citizenship in Georgia.

There are some conditions that must be met to get Naturalization in Georgia such as

  • They must reside legally in Georgia for a period of 10 years, after which they will apply for Georgian citizenship
  • To master the country’s official language, which is Georgian
  • Be familiar with the basic principles of Georgian law
  • Owning a real estate job/ owning land /or even doing business in Georgia

As for dual citizenship, in the past, Georgia did not allow dual citizenship, but now there are no obstacles or objections to having dual citizenship.

How to obtain the Georgian passport?

Georgian citizenship has many important advantages, as a Georgian citizen can join the member states in the Schengen area, after the agreement between the European Union and Georgia, as well as in the case of visa-free travel to a large group of countries such as Malaysia, Latin America, Indonesia, and others, in addition to that The relationship of kinship that any citizen can apply for Georgian citizenship.

Once you get your citizenship in Georgia, You can get your georgian passport, here we are going to explain to you the different sources that you can get your citizenship in Georgia through.

1. Georgian citizenship as an exception:

In this case, nationality is issued if that is in the interest of the state, and granted by the President of Georgia, in which case you will need two letters from persons registered with Georgian citizenship in order to be able to submit the application.

Georgian citizenship according to simple procedures:

In this case, citizenship is issued to the wife of a Georgian citizen who has resided for a period of no less than two years in the country, and also she should know about the general principles of Georgian law and be fluent at the Georgian language.

Georgian citizenship according to the normal procedure:

The normal procedure is that procedure which includes possession of a property or a job in the state of Georgia, a residence for a period of no less than six years in addition to proficiency in the Georgian language, knowledge of the law, the criminal record is free of any crimes, penalties or violations punishable by law for a period Residence.

Steps to get your passport by investment in Georgia?

After completing the required procedures mentioned above, the person who wants to obtain a Georgian passport through investment will do the following:

  • Owning a property.
  • Proficiency in Georgian
  • Knowing the law, the criminal record is free of any crimes, penalties, or violations punishable by law throughout the stay.
How to get Georgia's permanent residence permit by investment

How to get Georgia’s permanent residence permit by investment?

Georgia is one of the countries that encourage everyone to invest in its land; the country offers a lot of facilities to let you invest in many fields.

In addition to the high returns that investors can achieve through real estate investment in Georgia, another advantage gained from buying real estate in Georgia is the possibility of obtaining residency in the country as a result of the purchase.

Types of Residence permits in Georgia europe.

1. Work residence in Georgia.

You can obtain a work residence if you work in one of the Georgian or international companies operating in Georgia, officially and legally.

The period of residency work is between 6 months and may extend to 5 years, according to the decision of the Georgian Immigration Administration.

2. A residence permit to study in Georgia

You get it if you enroll in one of the Georgian universities to study for a bachelor’s degree or master’s degree.

To be able to obtain it, you must attach the university’s decision to officially register you in its academic records with the rest of the required documents.

3. Residence permit for investment purposes

Business investors can make an investment in Georgia amounting to at least 300 000 USD equivalent in GEL or who holds a title to immovable property in Georgia (except for agricultural land plots) in the manner established by the legislation of Georgia with a market value exceeding 300 000 USD equivalent in GEL.

A certified appraiser of an organization accredited by the Legal Entity of Public Law – Unified National Body of Accreditation – Accreditation Centre shall determine the market value of the immovable property for issuance of an investment residence permit.

For the purposes of this sub-clause, family members of an alien shall be as follows:

a spouse, a minor child or a beneficiary of support or a disabled person completely dependent on an alien, also a fully dependent person who is recognized as disabled in the manner established by the laws of a relevant country.

3. Residence due to the purchase of the real estate in the Republic of Georgia.

Owning a property is one of the common ways of obtaining residence in Georgia and you obtain it after purchasing a property worth more than $ 100,000, and you must attach proof of ownership of the property with the rest of the required documents

0,000 USD in projects in Georgia.

permanent residence permit requirements?

  • You can enter Georgia without requiring a security permit or visa.
  • You can also apply for a visa for Europe, the USA, and the rest of the world.
  • You can obtain citizenship from the state of Georgia after 5 years of residency in it, and when you get a Georgian passport you will be allowed to move in countries without a visa, you can also obtain Georgian citizenship after two years if you married a citizen of Georgia.
  • You can open a bank account in Georgia, easily handle transactions and transfers from your country to Georgia, and vice versa.
  • You can also own property in real estate when you reside in Georgia.
  • It is possible to own your own car during your stay in Georgia, as the cars in that country have very low prices.
  • It’s very easy when you are settled in Georgia and you get a driver’s license for your car.
  • You also can get your medical insurance throughout your stay.

How long does it take to get a permanent residence permit in Georgia ?

The issue of granting a residence permit for investment purposes or get a short-term residence is considered in 30 calendar days and the service fee is GEL 210. Fee for expedited service is GEL 330 in 20 calendar days and GEL 410 in 10 calendar days.
get Georgia's permanent residence permit by investment

work permit requirements in Georgia Europe

Georgia is a beautiful country which is located in the continent of Asia and has many tourist attractions. Recently, many people went to get a Work permit in Georgia Europe, and start a new life due to the ease of starting again in Georgia.

How to get a work visa to Georgia europe.

  • It is possible to obtain a visa and get your work permit in Georgia Europe, and then to reside and citizenship in Georgia through a contract of employment as an employee of a company registered in Georgia.
  • You can obtain a work visa in republic of georgia and a residence permit by applying for a position as an employee at a registered law office in Georgia and submitting it to the Ministry of Immigration.
  • Applicants who intend to immigrate and get a work permit in Georgia Europe must obtain a long-term visa, which is like a work permit in this country, but citizens of the European Union and refugees in Georgia and holders of diplomatic visas are excluded from obtaining this visa, but they can reside in Georgia only For one year.

The Conditions and requirements for an entry visa to Georgia.

  • The basis for staying in Georgia for a foreign resident is obtaining a permanent or temporary residence visa if permanent residence is not available from international treaties in Georgia.
  • Foreign officials from diplomatic missions obtain a visa for their first entry into Georgia and remain in effect during their time in Georgia.
  • Georgia Border Police give the cases defined by international legislation a visa permit term of more than 90 days at a cost of 50 lari, and a 360-day visa at a cost of 100 lari.
  • Georgia allows immigrants to obtain work on its soil, but if any forged document is discovered, the migrant is punished with imprisonment and a fine, knowing that when filling any job in Georgia, the employer is required to confirm that the worker has obtained a work permit, and implementation has begun This law in the year 2012 AD.

The documents required to obtain a Georgia visa:

  • Personal passport
  • 3/4 colored image
  • Fee payment receipt.

Standard Georgian visa issuance fees:

  • Multiple Ordinary Visa for 360 Days: 100 Georgian lari ($ 40.68 USD).
  • Single Visa: 50 Georgian lari ($ 20.34).

How to find a job in Georgia?

The process of searching for a job opportunity in Georgia is one of the most ideal processes, as there are many methods that you can use to connect with the establishment that you want to work with easily and conveniently.

you can search online ,through speculative communications and through portals which are designed specifically to find jobs for expats, they are also a great place to start when planning your international movement, and don’t be afraid to communicate with Georgian companies as well; The economy provides local companies with the safety to expand and many may be keen to add an international component to their employees.

Top 6  job opportunities in Georgia .

Although Georgia is a simple and beautiful country, it needs a lot of volunteers to work there, and this work is determined according to the time of your arrival in Georgia, you can travel and work in Georgia according to the experiences and skills that you possess.

The more your experiences and skills, the easier you get your Work permit in Georgia Europe.

There are so many job opportunities you can get in Georgia. Here ,it is the list of the top demanded job opportunities that you can target and get easily only after getting your Work permit in Georgia Europe.

Tourism business.

Georgia is a first-class tourist country, It has many breathtaking places to attract visitors around the world such as the famous Boulevard Garden, Mount Kazbek, Vardzia Monastery, and Narikala Fortress.

In light of this notion , whenever you get a tourist qualification and full knowledge of the meaning of Georgia tourism, it would be easy to get a work permit in Georgia Europe.

Investing in Georgia.

Georgia is well known for its investment, there are many facilities that are given to the investors so that as you get your Work permit in Georgia Europe, you could start your business which can be shaped in establishing small hotels, restaurants, and cafes.

Service businesses.

Once you get your Work permit in Georgia Europe, you can head to one of the most demanded work opportunities in Georgia which is Service businesses.

Georgia is a place that is packed with cafes, restaurants, and offices which all the time call for Service businesses, what makes this field too good is it does not require a specific certification or qualification.

Also through the summer you can find many job opportunities as the Summer is one of the busy seasons in Georgia, as the weather in Georgia is sunny, and tourists always go to the coast to escape the heat, so you find that most of the jobs during the summer period are related to tourism, and you will be able to get a job opportunity in Georgia with ease in this season.

Teaching English.

One of the best things you can do in Georgia is teaching English. If you are a good English speaker, you can come to Georgia, where you can easily reach your goal and you will find a job in Georgia easily.

Ice skating Coach.

In Georgia the winter is more than just a season, it also a job opportunity for many as the country has many mountains and wonderful cold that attract many people around the world to come and spend the winter in Georgia thus being an Ice skating Coach would provide you a golden job opportunity.

Tour guide.

There are many historical places in Georgia like Tsminda Sameba Cathedral, Narikala Fortress, Svetitskhoveli, Batumi Boulevard, and Aerial Tramway in Tbilisi, all these places are very attractive for the tourists who come from over the world to visit Georgia. 

Benefits of getting  a work permit in Georgia country.

  • Retirement Plan.
  • Credit Union.
  • US Bonds.
  • annual paid vacation
  • paid sick leave days 
  • You can open a bank account in Georgia, easily handle transactions and transfers from your country to Georgia, and vice versa. 
  • You have medical insurance throughout the stay

company registration in Georgia Tbilisi for foreign investors

Georgia is one of the countries that is located in the Caucasus region between the continents of Asia and Europe, and its land area is 69,700 km², many people head to Georgia to start a new life and get a proper job opportunity.

Georgian government is actively seeking to develop the business environment, as it possesses one of the most competitive markets in its region for this.

There are many factors that attract investors to start a company in Georgia such as (Reduced value of taxes, the free market, and liberal Georgia’s economy and stability of the political environment and Georgia Law as the government facilitated the process of registering property, recognized property rights, and made ownership a reason to give full residency in Georgia).

Advantages of opening a company in Georgia for Foreign investors. 

1) Motives and facilities in Georgia

Georgia offers many motives for developing the business environment, and three industrial zones have been established in Tbilisi to meet the needs of specific business sectors, given that Georgia has one of the most important competitive markets in its region, enabling you to establish a company in Georgia easily.

2) Company registration is not a complicated process anymore

company registration in Georgia Tbilisi is not a complex process as it is known for most other countries, as Georgia has the advantage of providing tax facilities to investors depending on the company’s activities, with some tax-free locations available.

3) Ease of procedures

Georgia Tbilisi offers many facilities to do business on its soil for foreign investors, unlike most countries in the world.

4) Availability of employment

Students and young people who possess multiple languages ​​besides the Georgian language are among the most coming groups to work in Georgia, and this saves a lot to investors, especially since their monthly salaries are low in relation to the employment in most of the world.

5) Low taxes

Georgia’s Tax Law makes it easier for investors and indigenous citizens in the country, so it only shows the following taxes: (Income Tax – 20%., Corporate Tax – 15%., Value Added Tax – 18%., Excise Tax – Variable Rate, Customs Tax – It has more than a percentage ranging between 0% – 5% – 12%., The real estate tax – 1% of the value of the self-evaluation of the property).

6) Geographical location

Georgia location made it as a strategic country between the countries of Europe and Asia, and this is one of the most important reasons for investing and establishing companies in Georgia, which gives it a wide area of ​​economic movement between neighboring countries, and this facilitates investors to deal with multiple types of areas that the market needs easily and is considered as a commercial corridor and a country Transit of goods between East and West.

The different kinds of company registration in Georgia Tbilisi

1- Establishing a company with limited liability

(LLC) or The Limited Liability Company is a legal entity established by a maximum of 50 investors, to integrate foreign and domestic investors together and enjoy many of the benefits of investing in Georgia.

In case a company is established in Georgia Tbilisi with limited liability, the responsibility of each member is determined according to the value of its shares, and the shares of the company can be transferred or inherited, but in case you own only one share, it cannot be sold.

2- Incorporation of a company by a legal entity

You can build a company in Georgia with a legal entity, not just individuals, and this form is most popular because the responsibility of shareholders is limited to the number of shares they own in the company and are governed by its internal regulations.

How to register a company in Georgia?

Generally, establishing a business in the republic of georgia is an easy process, you don’t need so many complicated steps, through the following paragraphs we will talk about establishing a company as an example for building a business in Georgia.

Registering a company in Georgia country is something that does not require hard steps as it happens in foreign countries, due to the various facilities of the state and the Georgian government, so we will explain to you the steps you need to start your business in Georgia europe.

the first step

What you must do to start a company in Georgia is to go to the House of Justice and obtain a copy of the company charter.

The copy is divided into two parts: a section in the Georgian language and a section in the English language.

The second step

You should write your data in the founding contract referred to previously in the English and Georgian languages ​​(you should seek the assistance of a specialist to write the contract) You must write from the data the company address, which means that you want to find an address for the company and the address can be obtained in two ways:

  • First way: rent an office to be the company’s headquarters.
  • Second way: You can buy an address from a Georgian citizen or resident to use it as a temporary address for your company, and the owner of the place must go with you to the House of Justice and signature.

York Towers can help you with step, as we provide you with a commercial and residential space suitable for companies and help you with the procedures of company registration.

you only need to connect with us through the mail or the live chat to inform you about the latest offers and prices for our real estate projects.


Things you should care about before starting your company.

speaking english

You must speak English fluently if you want to complete these procedures alone, otherwise, you should seek help. 

Carefully review the data

Write your data and review it more than once in the memorandum of association and make sure it is correct.

Documenting the company’s documents

The rules of the law specify the way in which new companies are established.

Moreover, foreign investors interested in establishing a company in Georgia must document the company’s documents with the public notary, and the documents must be legalized in the country where foreign shareholders reside, according to the provisions laid down by the Hague Agreement.

if you want to set up LLC

In case you want to set up a limited liability company, you have to be present in the country during the incorporation procedures, to submit the required documents to the competent authorities, knowing that the procedure can be implemented in one week as a maximum.

The costs of setting up and company registration in Georgia Tbilisi.

The upcoming paragraphs explain the main sources that you will spend your money at, to set up a company in Georgia Tbilisi.

1- Registration Fees

The standard registration fee (completed in one day) is 100 Georgian lari, equivalent to 32 euros.

2- Virtual office cost:

If you are thinking of establishing your company in Georgia Tbilisi, there are basic stuff you should apply for example Virtual office.

Virtual offices,they cost20 euros per month, and it is the cheapest way to get a business address in Georgia.

3- Minimum Capital

There is no minimum capital when establishing a company in Georgia.

Taxes in Georgia country

Taxes are always a critical matter and something you should consider when you decide to set up a business, in Georgia Taxes are something you definitely will go through if you want to get company registration in Georgia Tbilisi so that we would explain more about this topic.

In Georgia, the VAT rate is 18%, and the 0% VAT rate applies to exports, tour operator services, electric power, international shipping activities, or gold transfers to the National Bank of Georgia.

Corporate taxe

Georgia’s corporate income tax rate is 15%. As a general rule, knowing that Georgia does not apply consumption tax, but certain categories of products can be subject to this tax, and it is important to know that the company must register for value-added tax purposes in Georgia as long as the company’s annual revenue is from the minimum 100,000 Georgian lari.

profit taxe

Dividends distributed by the company are also subject to a 5% dividend tax, regardless of whether the dividends are paid to a non-resident entity or an individual, however, in the case of dividends distributed from a Georgian company to another local company there is no tax base, Which provides an attractive business environment for starting a company in Georgia.

Through us “ York towers” you can get the help you need to start in establishing your company in Georgia Tbilisi, we will be with you through every step, only by connecting with us through the live chat or the mail.

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how to open a bank account in Georgia country

Georgia is located in the Caucasus region of Eurasia, which is a sovereign state, and it is located precisely at the crossroads of the European continent from the east with western Asia.

The steps to open a bank account in Georgia are an important stage for everyone who intends to invest in the Republic of Georgia and the investment that is required from transferring funds from the investor’s country to Georgia to pay the value of his investments.

Keep in mind that Georgia is one of the countries that tries to the extreme to keep all financial operations within the banking system, to achieve this, important barriers and incentives have been established that you must know.

Through the upcoming paragraphs York Towers is going to give you the most useful and vital information that you ever need to open a bank account in Georgia Country.

9 benefits of opening a bank account in Georgia

Once the account is successfully opened in a Georgian bank, you will get the following banking benefits:

  • Georgian law prohibits the traveler from carrying amounts of cash in excess of 30,000 lari, equivalent to $ 12,500. And in case you have to do so, you must report the amount to the customs department at the border crossing.
  • A global account i.e. accepts all bank financial transactions for four currencies and not one currency, the same account accepts transactions in Georgian lari, English pound, euro, and US dollars.
  • A debit card to authorize you to withdraw, deposit, and balance inquiries from anywhere in the world.
  • A network bank account that enables you to perform all operations using the Internet.
  • you can easily get a credit card for 50 dollars.
  • Availability of safety and privacy in Georgian banks.
  • Georgian law prohibits companies from receiving cash from customers for expensive goods, such as real estate.
  • the high profits of Georgian banks as the profits of the bank in Georgia on the dollar is from 6 to 8%, and for lari, it may reach 15% on deposits.
  • Everyone in Georgia, whether citizens, residents, or tourists, has the right to open a bank account using passport information.

TOP 12 Georgian banks.

York Towers always cares about establishing the accuracy in providing the information to you, thus we are ready to provide you with  the names of the most trusted banks in Georgia.

  1. HSBC Bank Georgia
  2. Silk Road Bank
  3. TBC Bank
  4. National Bank of Georgia
  5. Basisbank
  6. Cartu Bank
  7. First British Bank
  8. Procredit Bank
  9. Standard Bank
  10. Bank of Georgia
  11. Transcaucasus Development Bank Tbilisi Branch
  12. Ziraat Bank Tbilisi Branch

 Some notes you should know before opening an account in Georgia.

  1. The account opening fee with all its one-time subscriptions is only 38 lari.
  2. Commission withdrawal fee in US dollars from the ATM is 2%.
  3. Commission for withdrawing in US dollars from the bank’s counter is 6%.
  4. Commission for the transfer of another account within the same bank 0%.
  5. All commissions above become 0% if the amount is linked as a deposit for three months before the start of the withdrawal.
  6. The daily ATM withdrawal limit is $ 600 or equivalent in other currencies.
  7. Automated teller machine allows you to withdraw dollars as lari.
  8. Bank text messages require a Georgian mobile number, the bank system does not send messages to international numbers.
  9. Annual interest on deposits in dollars is 7%.
  10. There are no restrictions on transferring funds to and from Georgia.
  11. When transferring large sums to your account there, if the source is not your personal account in your country, you must bring proof of the source of the amount in order to avoid any obstacles.

Steps to open your bank account.

  1. The original passport.
  2. A translated copy of the passport into the Georgian language.
  3. Visiting the bank 
  4. Getting a waiting number.
  5. Sign the account opening documents and pay an amount of up to 38 lari, and you will be provided with bank account details for your account.
  6. Receiving the ATM card the next day.

Can you open a Georgian bank account remotely?

Georgia allows you to open your bank account remotely, you only need to follow the next steps.

Steps to open an georgian offshore account bank:

  1. Present your  name, cell phone number and email for online banking
  2. Choose your bank and the services
  3. then you get the prepares Power of Attorney (POA)
  4. you should sign up POA
  5. After receiving the response from the bank, your account will be ready within 3 days.

Steps to open your bank account in Georgia with no deposit

  1. Pick up a Bank or Credit Union with $0 Deposit Reqs,For example, you can start opening your bank account through online banks (chime & discover).
  2. Fill Out the Online Application
  3. Your legal name
  4. Your physical address
  5. Your phone number
  6. Your email address

The official currency of Georgia.

Georgian lari or (GEL), is the official currency in Georgia.

If you are a tourist who does not have this currency, you will find a lot of difficulty dealing with almost everything as every supermarket, shop, and restaurants are only accepting this currency.

the Paper currencies for lari: one lari, two larian, five, ten, twenty, fifty lari, one hundred lari, two hundred lari.

 the coin lari : one lari, two larian, one tartar, two liters, five, ten liters, twenty, and fifty liters.

Currency exchange and exchange shops in Georgia.

  • something you should put in mind before going to Georgia, the Georgians are always proud of their currency and will not accept to deal in dollars or euros in shops and markets so that you have to deal with the official currency in Georgia.
  • The first thing you should do is to withdraw bank cards with your ATM or non-dollar / euro cards at the exchange shops. You will find it available everywhere in the main streets of the capital, Tbilisi, or the big cities.
  • You will find red flags on the street with numbers and coins written on it and that means these are the places you can exchange your money in, You have not changed from the first one that met you on your way because the prices vary from one store to the other.
  • Make sure before you change any currency with you that there is no change fee.
  • In small cities and villages, you can find ATMs but these will be offering the lowest exchanges.
  • If you withdraw/change a lot of money while you are there and your flight is saved and there is a lot of Larry with you, you can return them to dollars again from the money exchange stores.
  • Exchange rates: two numbers are written side by side, the higher is the dollar selling price and the lower the dollar buying price.

Georgia allows you to open a bank account through simple steps. There are many ways in which a bank account can be opened, either remotely or without a deposit. we in York Towers can help you step by step in opening your bank account, you only need to connect with it through the live chat or the mail.

Top Advices from Real Estate Investors

Top Advices from Real Estate Investors

The best advices from experienced investors in Real Estate sector.

Georgia has become one of the most popular European destinations for investment and business, besides its tourism destination as the most ancient country in the world.

During the last 10 years, Georgia attracted real estate investors and businessmen from all around ‎the world and recorded a high demand on the experience of ‎ investment especially in the field of real estate.

In Georgia there are varied areas of investments in Real Estate, as ‎fertile soil lands for many profitable projects, different constructions for any type of business, low taxes and very fast and easy way of registration due to the strong support of foreign investors from the government.


Top Real Estate Investors advices:

Don’t wait to buy Real Estate, Buy Real Estate and wait!

This advice is given by experienced Investors, who already gain good income from growing Georgian property market.  You can repeat the proved algorithm of investments making it in different way.

For many investors, rental income from real estate investments has a huge psychological advantage over dividends and interest from investing in stocks and bonds. They can drive by the property, see it, and touch it with their hands. They can paint it their favorite color or hire an architect and construction company to modify it. They can use their negotiation skills to determine the rental rate, allowing a good operator to generate higher capitalization rates, or “cap rates.”

  • Residential real estate investing – These are properties that involve investing in real estate tied to houses or apartments in which individuals or families live. Sometimes, real estate investments of this type have a service business component, such as assisted living facilities for seniors or full-service buildings for tenants who want a luxury experience. Leases usually run for 12 months, give or take six months on either side, leading to a much more rapid adjustment to market conditions than certain other types of real estate investments.


  • Commercial real estate investing – Commercial real estate investments largely consist of office buildings. These leases can be locked in for many years, resulting in a double-edged sword. When a commercial real estate investment is fully leased with long-term tenants who agreed to richly priced lease rates, the cash flow continues even if the lease rates on comparable properties fall (provided the tenant doesn’t go bankrupt). On the other hand, the opposite is true – you could find yourself earning significantly below-market lease rates on an office building because you signed long-term leases before lease rates increased.


  • Retail real estate investing – Some investors want to own properties such as shopping centers, strip malls, or traditional malls. Tenants can include retail shops, hair salons, restaurants, and similar enterprises. In some cases, rental rates include a percentage of a store’s retail sales to create an incentive for the landlord to do as much as he, she, or it can to make the retail property attractive to shoppers.


  • There are sub-specialties of real estate investing including: Leasing a space so you have little capital tied up in it, improving it, then sub-leasing that same space to others for much higher rates, creating incredible returns on capital. An example is a well-run flexible office business in a major city where smaller or mobile workers can buy office time or rent specific offices.


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property for sale in batumi georgia

Property for sale in Batumi, Georgia

Batumi is considered the second Georgian capital after Tbilisi, it is a coastal city located on the outskirts of the Black Sea coast. Batumi is an important commercial center due to its distinct’s strategic location. It is located in a subtropical region, which made its soil fertile and suitable for agriculture. Despite it is famous for industrial activity, its economy depends mainly on tourism.

Batumi is also close to the borders with Turkey, in addition to that, it is the main crossing for trade between Georgia and Turkey. You can find the markets of this city full of Turkish goods. Noteworthy, Georgia is seeing an unprecedented turning point in the field of real estate construction and there are many opportunities for those wishing to invest or looking to own a property in that country.

Why you would look for a Property for sale in Batumi, Georgia? 

Real estate investment is booming in Georgia and particularly in Batumi because there is the main port of Georgia on the banks of the Black Sea. It is a central point for all the movements of transport, freight, and trade in the region. In addition, the ships transport tourists from all the Black Sea ports in that city. Many tourists are visiting Batumi, especially in summer. As the beaches are crowded with tourists from different countries of the world, Batumi has recently seen a point of change in real estate construction, especially near the Black Sea shore, and the reason for this change is the Georgian, Russian and Turkish investment companies.


Batumi has a well-developed infrastructure, besides all facilities, like schools, kindergartens, supermarkets, restaurants, and entertainment areas are typically within walking distance.  It stands to reason that the demand for residential real estate, commercial property, and the land is constantly going up. So, if you are looking for a property for sale in one of the foreign coastal cities, Batumi would be your best choice, whether to buy an apartment for personal use or to rent it out to tourists.

Advantages of buying real estate in Batumi

An abundant supply of real estate 

Increasing demand by foreigners for real estate which led to construction boom volumes by 101% in 2019. You can easily find a property for sale in Batumi as a secondary real estate or even newly built properties at a reasonable and affordable price. Besides, there are many hotels, retail spaces, and other commercial properties for sale, too.

Easy procedure

A passport is the only document that you need to buy a property in Georgia. You can grant power of an attorney to someone of your friends, or a real estate agent. Moreover, the country grants favorable loan programs and favorable taxation policy for real estate owners.

Reliable Investment 

According to real estate experts of Georgia, all properties’ prices are going up year after year, so if you are looking for an extra source of income by renting your property, you can achieve an average of 7-13% in profits annually. 

An opportunity to get a residence permit in Georgia

You can get a residence permit after investing an amount of no less than 300K USD in real estate or business in Georgia. In order to obtain a residence as an investor in that country, it is important to have proof of your investment for this amount attached to the remaining papers that prove your investment. In this case, you get a permanent residence card in Georgia and it is issued for a period of five years for the first time and renewed on its own as long as you still invest in Georgia.


Real Estate for sale in Batumi 

Properties in Batumi are special that make them at the forefront of real estate that customers buy. It is located in a lively area that contains all the important services to the customer. You can obtain food commodities at a good price as well as transportation that leads to any place, whether it is taxis or trains or transportation cars. This is what the customer is looking for when searching for property for sale in Batumi, an apartment that suits customers in price and area. Therefore, the prices of real estate in Georgia Batumi are unparalleled, as large discounts and offers are made to customers. This attracts the customer to buy those properties.


The prices of apartments in Batumi 2019 do not differ greatly from the previous year, the installment system exists and there are apartments for sale in installments in Georgia, therefore the prices are commensurate with the customers and the best real estate service is provided to them, whether in the purchase of apartments or shops, etc.  Besides Batumi has a distinctive atmosphere and all the facilities and services are available that make the customer happy and feel comfortable, all services are in customer’s hands and the apartments have distinct areas with excellent prices and discounts. 


Buying a property in Batumi remotely

As per surveys, it is shown that most of those who are investing in real estate in Georgia are non-residents and live in foreign countries. That is why many are depending on buying or renting properties on the services of a property management company. It saves time and effort, convenient, and favorable type of investing.

That is how you can look at real pictures and video reviews for Property for sale in Batumi. You can choose the one with proper location and a spectacular view without ever leaving your hometown. The average cost of a newly built property for sale in Batumi per square meter is $400, and that price is for a property that in the vicinity of the sea. Definitely, this price would be much lower for secondary real estate. You can buy it on credit or by installments if you want. As a rule, these investments will pay off mostly in five or six years.

Why Georgia is a great travelling destination

Why Georgia is a great travelling destination ?

Georgia is famous for its charming nature and its natural resources of rivers.

It has many tourist attractions such as historical monuments that date back to the ancient civilizations.

Georgia has  great cities including the capital of Tbilisi and the coastal town of Batumi, overlooking the Black Sea coast

The World Tourism Organization’s 2018 report ranked Georgia as the forth as the world’s most fast-growing tourism destinations.

Georgia stands above France, Spain, and other countries. The number of tourists increased by 27.9% in Georgia.

In 2018 the number of international arrivals in Georgia amounted to 8,679,544, showing an increase of 9.8% year-on-year (y/y).

Of these visitors, 4,756,820 were tourists, which is 16.9% more compared to 2017.

The Georgian National Tourism Administration showed a big interest in implementing a number of projects because it wants to promote Georgia’s touristic potential in 2018.

The GNTA launched a campaign ‘Emotions are Georgia’, which contains a guidebook that includes stories of 7 million visitors.

In the guidebook, visitors shared their experience to help the new tourists discovering this beautiful country.

When we talk about the top tourist places in Georgia, we must mention :

The fortress or fortress of Narikala, which is one of the most important archaeological sites in Georgia, and the second region that recorded the highest tourist attraction in Georgia.

We can’t forget talking about Batumi Boulevard

which is the most important Batumi Gardens along the seashore, surrounded by gardens and palm trees in a breathtaking view.

Tourists consider the air tram in Tbilisi as one of the modern means of transport that the country opened it in Tbilisi in 2012, you’ll find it at a great height above the old city.

advantages of investment in Georgia country

Fields & advantages of investment in Georgia country

Investment in Georgia country, Georgia has become a thriving destination for business investments, the fields of investment vary between real estate investment and tourism investment. The country doesn’t save effort to attract investors from all countries of the world and encourages many to invest in Georgia.

With its political and liberal reforms, administrative advancement, and the e-governance system they have managed to eliminate corruption. Georgia has advantages not available to other neighboring countries, as it is strategically lying between Europe and Asia and the resource-rich nature. Its geographical location is clearly noticeable with a glance on the map, it excels among many European countries.

The extension of its coasts on the Black Sea gives it a position of leadership in providing services such as shipping and transportation. Also, the picturesque nature of Georgia makes it a tourist destination for many travelers, which makes investment in the tourism sector very profitable.

Lately, many Arab countries have increased their diplomatic representation in Georgia,

The investments of the United Arab of Emirates amounted to $ 15.5 million in 2018. Also, there are many Qatari investments in many fields.

A free trade agreement was signed with Turkey and the Commonwealth of Independent States (Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, and others), besides signing agreement with the USA, Norway, Switzerland, Canada, and Japan.

All indicators and economic studies clearly and explicitly indicate that Georgia will become the leader in attracting investment in the region.

The country of Georgia supports foreign investment

The development that took place in Georgia, which changed Georgia from a collapsed country after the former Soviet Union states to a modern one.

The Georgian government supports foreigners to invest in Georgia, which is a priority for them, it adopts all the possible endeavors, such as affording free land for the implementation of mega investment projects; moreover, providing the facilities, public services and infrastructure needed to implement the project.

Many investment funds have taken advantage of this and have made a lot of profit in the past few years. Also, banks provide many loans with different guarantees and in easy ways for serious investors.

Georgia is ranked in fifth place according to the World Bank’s ease of doing business index. You can start a company in Georgia in just one day.


Do you have plans to invest in Georgia’s real estate?

Foreigners have the same rights as Georgian citizens in buying a property in Georgia.

There are no special procedures or papers needed for foreigners and no additional taxes either. The only documents needed are a copy of your passport and the property certificate purchase to become an owner of a property.

Even the registration process doesn’t take much time. The registration of your property is done almost at once and costs nothing and all of that happens in only four working days. Except of fast registration of your property on the same day, will surely cost you more.

Benefits of investment in Georgia country

  • What distinguishes real estate investment in Georgia is the most proper real estate prices, and at the same time the high return on investment. You can buy a hotel apartment in a high-end neighborhood at a small price starting from 60000$.


  • If you invest in Georgia, you can buy a property at your own name, as all real estate sales in Georgia are made in full ownership. It is also possible for a foreigner to set up a company under Georgia law to own property in the country.


  • Similar to the residential real estate, the same rules apply to the purchase of the commercial real estate, such as restaurants, offices, hotels, and shops. There are no restrictions in Georgia in this regard as well.


Fields of investment in Georgia rather than real estates

Georgia is a politically stable investment destination, with an effective, pro-business, corruption-free government, which increased the market size through free trade agreements.

Fields of investment in Georgia country vary, and it has lots of advantages as its affordable, with no property taxes, no barriers to foreign buyers, and permeant residence possibility.

In addition to investing in the real estate filed, Hospitality is one of the fastest-growing sectors of the Georgian economy. During the last years, Georgia recorded a dynamic growth of international visitors, in 2015, the number of international visitors reached 5.9 million while the population of Georgia is 3.7 million people.

Tourism investment in Georgia

Tourism is an important source of income in Georgia, and the country is having healthy economic conditions which led to an increase in the number of tourists and reach a high occupancy rate.

Establishing a hotel in Georgia

You can easily establish a hotel in Georgia, you just need to decide if you are going to set up your hotel by renting or buying a house and then converting it to a hotel.

And then

  • Define your budget.
  • Choose the region, area, and the city carefully.
  • Define accurately the facilities required such as labor and order … etc.
  • Clear the legal procedures which are very simple, and you can do it with the help of a specialist.

Establishing a restaurant in Georgia

It is expected for a country growing steadily in the field of tourism like Georgia, to have the diversity of restaurants that meet the different tastes and cultures of tourists.

There are many restaurants in the Georgian cities now, so you will find both eastern and western restaurants serving everyone.

Arab, Turkish, Georgian, Chinese and Iranian restaurants spread throughout Georgia and main cities.

Agricultural investment in Georgia

Although, buying agricultural lands have become prohibited for non-Georgian citizens, but some people resorted to renting the agricultural lands with long-term contracts to be able to implement their projects.

Some projects you can invest in Georgia in this field:

  • Livestock rearing: fertile soil and vast green areas make food for livestock easy.
  • Fish farming: This project is surrounded by many challenges that must be taken into consideration before its implementation.
  • Poultry farming